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Cut Sheet WLT-800HP (pdf)

Measurement Systems

WLT-800HP Leak Tester Demonstration


General Specifications:

  • Capacity: Up to and including 1000 CFH class meters (excluding Sprague 1000)
    • Pressure: 100 psi internal meter pressure for 100# case diaphragm meters
  • Thermostatically controlled water heater
  • Circulating pump/Water filter
  • Rotating/lifting camera inside testing enclosure to view meter a full 360° while standing in front of the tester
  • Optional rotary meter test module for up to 11m with test pressure up to 175 psi.


  • Power: 120vac at 30 amps
  • Compressed Air Supply: 100 psi at 5 CFM (175 psi for rotary testing)
  • Water Supply/Drain: standard hose connection


Meter loading.
Meter prior to lowering into test tank.

Meters are loaded from pallet level into the clamping assembly and hung as they would be in the field (no pressure down on the meter). The meter is then lifted and lowered into the enclosure pneumatically. The operator controls the camera that rotates around the meter and views possible leaks on the supplied monitor. The meter is then lifted and unloaded at pallet level (on either side of the tester).



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