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Cut Sheet WLT-400 (pdf file)

Measurement Systems

WLT-400 Leak Tester Demonstration

General Specifications:
  • Capacity: Up to and including 400 CFH class meters
  • Thermostatically controlled water heater
  • Circulating pump
  • Water filter
  • Rotating meter stand to view meter a full 360° while standing in front of the tester
  • Circular tank magnifies the meter for easy leak location detection
  • Power: 120vac at 30 amps
  • Compressed Air Supply: 90 psi at 5 CFM
  • Water Supply: standard hose connection
  • Water Drain: standard hose connection
Dimensions: (Height x Width x Depth)
  • 83in x 23in x 37in


Stuffing Box Leak Test
  • The stuffing Box Leak Test module allows the operator to check for leaks in the meter’s stuffing box while the wriggler turns a full 360°. The module utilizes a specialized feedback regulator that ensures the internal meter pressure is maintained while the operator controls the flow rate with a quarter turn valve.

Description: \\Lynda\e\My Pictures\MeasurementSystems\LeakTester\For Manual\P1000961.JPG Description: \\Lynda\e\My Pictures\MeasurementSystems\LeakTester\For Manual\P1000968.JPG



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